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David's List is a worldwide directory of shomer Shabbat Jewish businesses and services. The directory is starting-up in the United States, and will be expanding to Israel, South America and other countries, over time. The directory has created an affiliation with the all male descendants of King David, and 20% of our proceeds will go to assist the the legal efforts of the all male descendants (ben achrai ben), of King David to regain their rightful ownership of the Temple Mount, which King David purchased for 50 silver shekels and never sold. The Temple Mount was purchased, on behalf of all Jews,  for the purpose of building the Bet Hamikdash, and because it is not being used for that purpose today, the all male descendants of King David are interested in reclaiming the purchase, and setting the proper use of the Temple Mount back on course.


Board of Directors:


Boruch Fishman: is the founder and director of Express Submit, an Internet Marketing Company based in Tel Aviv. He is co-founder of Canfe Nesharim le Kahal, a charitable organization serving local communities in Israel. Boruch's Grandfather, Charles Fish, was an international governor of Israeli Bonds in the late 1940s-1950s
Ralph Bieder:  is the founder and director of Cyber Programs Inc. an Internet Marketing Management Company. Ralph served with distinction in the Israel IDF. He lives in Judah with his wife and five children.

Mitchell (Mordecai) Dayan:  is President of Dayan's Inc., a real estate development company in the Chicago area. He was president of the Belmont Central Chamber of Commerce for 22 years, and is a founder and acting commissioner of Special Service Area # 2. He is past chairman of the Central Chicago Chapter of the American Cancer Society, and currently serves on its nominating committee. He is also past president and chairman of the board of the Lincolnwood Jewish Congregation in Lincolnwood, IL., a suburb of Chicago. Mitch is an all male, (ben acharai ben), descendant of King David. He is married to Elizabeth Richman and has three sons, Isaac, Meir, and Shlomo.


Interview with Mitch Dayan (Story of His Genealogical Connection to the House of David)  

Mitch Dayan's Genealogical History   

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